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Orb Networks have launched a new app for Android that allows you to stream internet video from Hulu, ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and other TV networks to your phone or tablet without paying for a Hulu Plus subscription. Orb Live can also stream content from Netflix, but you’ll need a Netflix subscription, and if you have one of those you’re probably better off using the official Netflix app as long as you have a supported device.

The only catch is that in order for the $9.99 Orb Live app to do its thing you’ll need to download and install an app on your Windows or Mac PC. That’s because Orb uses your PC to grab the video from the internet, transcode it to a mobile-friendly format and beam it to your device.

Orb Live can also stream local photos, videos, and music from your computer to your mobile device.

The Android app works much like the Orb Live app that launched for iOS in July.

One downside to using Orb Live is that you’ll need to leave your PC running all the time if you want to be able to stream media to your phone or tablet. Another is that the Orb Live service is pretty CPU-intensive, so you’ll need a reasonably powerful computer unless you want choppy video streams.

Orb Live is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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3 replies on “Orb Live brings Hulu, network TV to Android (with the help of your PC)”

  1. I’m surprised that Orb is still selling their terribly broken software and hardware. Worst purchase ever. Take a look at their support forums for proof their product is largely unsupported and buggy.

    1. We’ve taken the comments to heart. We released a new iOS version of Orb Live two months ago which has been getting praise from reviewers and users alike. Most recently, we released a new version of Orb Live for Android, which also is receiving accolades. Please consider taking another look.

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