Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game for Mac, PC, and Linux. The game is also open source, so it’s no surprise that this summer a developer started work on an Android version of the game… and now it’s available for download.

The game runs on phones or tablets running Google Android 2.2 and up. When I installed it on my Google Nexus One, it ate up about 29MB of storage space, but after moving the game to my SD card it uses just over 1MB, which is much more manageable.

It takes a very long time to load the game, but once it’s up and running, gameplay is very smooth and the graphics look great.

The full version of Battle for Wesnoth for Android costs $3.99 and includes 15 campaigns and 200 scenarios. Multiplayer support is also scheduled for an October launch.

There’s also a free version available which lets you play through the game tutorial. I recommend taking the tutorial for a spin to see how Battle for Wesnoth handles on your Android device.

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  1. This appears to be based on the latest stable build of Wesnoth, which is a bonus.  The iPad version is still based on an older release, 1.6 vs. 1.8.  So syncing games back and forth with a desktop PC will probably be a whole lot easier with the Android version, unless you’re using the dev version on your PC like I am :P

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