Most Android devices make it easy to move files between your phone or tablet and a computer. All you have to do is plug in a USB cable, enable the USB storage option, and start copying and pasting. But if you’re looking for something a bit more automatic, there’s Synx.

This open source app for Windows allows you to synchronize all of the photos, videos, and music in a directory with the click of a button. Just tell Synx where your media is stored, plug in your phone, and hit the big button.

Synx supports two-way sync, so if you download a new song or take a new photo with your phone, it will be copied to your PC hard drive. And if you add a new movie to your collection on your PC, it will be copied to your smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately you still need to manually mount your Android device in order to use Synx. On most Android hardware you can do this by connecting your device to your PC with a USB cable, pulling down the notification bar, and choosing the option to enable USB mass storage.

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