Apple has released a new free app called iTunes Movie Trailers, available in the App Store today. The app allows users to find the latest movie trailers and clips in high-def, view a full-year’s worth of movie releases in a calendar, and check out on-set photos for upcoming films.

Though the app centers around the ability to conveniently view the latest cinema-related media, you can also search what’s currently playing at local theaters and purchase tickets directly from your device. The social integration is iOS 5 related, as you can easily email, tweet, and send favorited theaters and media via iCloud to other devices.

Other features include AirPlay integration, meaning you can sync movie trailers with Apple TV, as well as the ability to view top charts and box office rankings. In one fell swoop, the Apple Team may have bested many 3rd party providers such as the Fandango, Movies and IMDb apps–all of which have similar features, but arguably can’t match the level of integration that iTunes Movie Trailers has built-in.

You can download iTunes Movie Trailers for free in the App Store on any device running iOS 4.3 or higher.

via 9 to 5 Mac


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  1. It installed on my Irish iPhone for four seconds before throwing an error. Now it’s not to be found in the app store. I presume it is a US only app for now, considering the huge differences in release dates, etc.

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