So you thought Apple was being generous when the company allotted 5GB of free online storage space for every new iCloud user? Cloud storage service has been in the business a little longer than Apple, and today the company has announced that it’s offering 10 times more storage for iOS users.

If you download the free app for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you now get 50GB of storage space for free. The company is also increasing file size limits from 25MB to 100MB for iOS users.

Box lets you store photos, music, videos, documents, or any other type of file online. You can use the Box apps for iOS to view your files on a mobile device, or login using a web browser to access your files from any computer.

This isn’t the first time Box has given away a huge amount of storage for free. The company also offered the same deal to HP TouchPad customers… although that’s a pretty limited market since HP canceled the TouchPad just 45 days after launching the tablet. There are millions of iOS users though, so either Box has got some crazy infrastructure, or nobody really expects all iOS users to sign up for new Box accounts.

In order to get your 50GB of free storage, you’ll need to sign up within the next 50 days.

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    Just a heads up that our update is live, so everyone can take advantage of our 50 GB offer now. Just download the update here:


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