Popular note-taking and syncing service Evernote has updated its iOS app to bring better formatting options and iOS 5 support to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

When editing a complex note, which is just a note with rich text formatting, you’ll now be presented with the option of simplifying the text. This option will preserve the main elements of the note, like paragraph spacing and caps, but removes fonts and CSS styles (such as boldness.) Also, your default fonts on an iOS device will be properly synced to the Evernote desktop service so your notes will appear exactly as written.

The update also brings checkboxes to iOS devices, meaning you can create to-do lists and other likeminded notes right on your iPhone. The checkbox option will appear in the note editor.

Evernote’s latest update centers around iOS 5 support, and promises that even more added features and UI improvements will be seen in iOS 5. You can download Evernote for free in the App Store.

via Into Mobile


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