Microsoft is launching new Hotmail applications for iOS and Android as part of its effort to re-energize the email client.

The service will be native to the iPhone in iOS 5, which will be available on October 12th. This means you can select Hotmail under the ‘Mail’ app among Yahoo, Gmail and others. It can also be configured to include push notifications, calendar and contacts integration.

Android users won’t get Hotmail integration, but users can download the Hotmail app for free in the Android Market. It will also include the ability to turn on push notifications, calendar and contacts integration, while supporting multiple Hotmail accounts at once. The app is available on devices running Android 2.1-2.3.

Microsoft’s update to Hotmail itself includes convenient tools for unsubscribing and blocking mail, as well as more expansive folder support and automatic sorting.

via Slashgear


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