N2xGen Theme Manager

The Android Market is riddled with themes for Android devices that can change the look and feel (or at least the colors) of your phone’s operating system. To install them you’ll need an app that supports themes, such as ADW, Launcher Pro, or the T-Mobile Theme Chooser (which is built into CyanogenMod 7 and some other custom ROMs for Android devices).

But you’ll also need a bit of patience because hunting through the Android Market for themes can be a pain in the behind. Fortunately there’s a faster way. The developers at Bentotbox have put together an app called the N3xGen Theme Manager which rounds up some of the top themes in one place.

N3xGen Theme Manager provides a one-stop shop for ADW, ADW Ex, Launcher Pro, Launcher Pro Plus, and T-Mobile Theme Chooser themes. Just select the icon at the bottom of the theme manager for the type of theme you’re looking for and a list will appear. You can tap any theme for details and pictures showing what the theme looks like. You can also scroll left or right to switch between free themes, paid themes, or sort themes by category or developer.

When you actually click the download button, N3xGen Theme Manager will dump you out into the theme download page in the Android Market — so if your device doesn’t support the Android Market you can’t use N3xGen Theme Manager to circumvent it. But the free app does make finding themes for your phone a lot simpler.

via Droid-Life

Brad Linder

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