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While you may not find many in the Android Market these days, there’s no shortage of video game console emulators for Google Android. These apps let you play classic GameBoy, Nintendo, or even Playstation games on your phone — assuming you have the video game ROMs, which I’ll just go ahead and assume you obtained legally.

Last week developer Yonzh released an updated version of his Nintendo 64 emulator for Android — and it has one pretty slick new feature: it lets you connect multiple Bluetooth game controllers so that you can play multiplayer games.

If you have a phone with a fast processor and an HDMI output, you can fire up N64oid, pair two gamepads, plug in a TV and play 3D games on a big screen TV using your phone instead of a game console.

The folks at AndroidNZ have put together a demo video showing what Mario Kart 64 looks like using this setup.

Although the new multiplayer feature looks great on an HDTV, you could also theoretically use a 10 inch Android tablet for some multiplayer gaming on the go. I somehow doubt you’ll spend a lot of time racing against your friends on a 4 inch phone.

You can purchase the latest version of N64oid for $4.99 from the SlideMe app store. You’ll need to make sure your phone or tablet supports installing apps from “unknown sources,” and you’ll want a phone with a pretty fast processor in order to get the most out of the app.

via Droid Gamers

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