Winamp Mac Sync beta for Android

Winamp has rolled out three major updates to its music player for Android. First, the free app has been upgraded to version 1.2. Second, there’s a new Pro version with additional features. And third, there’s now a utility that lets Mac users sync their music Winamp and iTunes on their computers.

Winamp 1.2

In order to use the new Mac synchronization features you’ll need to upgrade to version 1.2. The update also brings more free music, better audio quality, and optimizations for use with headsets.

There’s also an option to purchase and unlock the premium features available in Winamp Pro for $4.99.

Winamp Pro graphic equalizer

Winamp Pro

Pro users get access to a 10-band graphic equalizer, the ability to customize the Winamp home screen, or navigate through music by folders. There are also options for gapless playback or for crossfading between tracks.

Winamp Pro can also recommend Shoutcast internet radio stations based on the music on your device. The Pro version of the app is also ad-free.

Winamp Mac Sync Beta

Mac users can import music and playlists from iTunes, keep Winamp synchronized with iTunes or with specific folders on a Mac, and synchronize music between a Mac and Android device either using a wired or WiFi connection.

Winamp Mac Sync Beta requires OS X 10.6 or later.

Brad Linder

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