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Update: It looks like Apple doesn’t actually support subscription-based game content yet. The company has pulled Big Fish’s new app from the App Store

You can subscribe to magazines, newspapers, music or video services in the App Store on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. And now you can also subscribe to some gaming content.

Bloomberg reports that the first company to extend Apple’s subscription services to the gaming world is Big Fish Games. Instead of paying a one-time price to download and play a game, customers can spend $6.99 per month to access dozens of games.

In other words, you don’t actually own any of the games you’re paying for, but with games normally running anywhere form 99 cents to $15, you could easily come out ahead with the Big Fish Games service if you play more than a few games per month. On the other hand, you if you stop paying, all of the games you’ve been playing go away, since you were essentially renting them rather than buying them.

Big Fish Games reportedly wants to bring its service to Android devices next.

via The Verge

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