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Amazon seems to be making a habit of offering office suites for Android for free. Every day the Amazon Appstore for Android offers one paid app free of charge. A few weeks ago that free app was OfficeSuite Pro and last week the company followed up with QuickOffice Pro. Today its DataViz Documents To Go that’s available for free from Amazon.

What these three apps all have in common is the ability to view, edit, or create Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. They also let you view PDF files.

They also all happen to retail for $14.99, which means you may have saved $45 if you managed to tap the “get app” button three times over the last month or so.

When Amazon puts an app on sale you can add it to your account while it’s free, but you don’t necessarily have to download and install it today. I’m sure Amazon hopes this gives you incentive to visit the Appstore every day to see what’s new, but it also gives you plenty of incentive to grab Documents To Go today even if you’re not sure you need it.

What’s actually on sale today is the license key for the full version of Documents To Go. You still need to download the standalone Documents To Go app, but that version is always free, and the license key lets you unlock premium features.

Note that if your device came with a free version of Documents To Go preloaded though, this unlock key may not work for you.

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  1.  I got all three from FAoTD, but unsure of what advantage each has over the others.

    Perhaps you could write an article comparing the three office suites?

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