Google Music

Google is expanding the Android Market to include music. You can now purchase songs and albums in 320kbps MP3 format from the Android Market on the web. An updated Android Market app for Android 2.2 and up is also starting to roll out.

This means you can now purchase music, movies, books, and apps from the Android Market. But while Google says there are 8 million songs available today and another 5 million on the way, the company still hasn’t signed a deal with Warner Music Group, which means that only 3 out of the 4 major US labels are on board. That means you might not find all the music you want from Google.

The good news is that Google will be offering a free song every day, curated music picks, and exclusive content through partnerships with artists including ColdPlay and The Rolling Stones.

Users will also be able to share songs with their friends on Google+. Your friends won’t just get a link to purchase the song or a 90 second snippet. Instead they can listen to the full track one time.

Google has been beta testing Google Music for the past few months, allowing users to upload as many as 20,000 songs for free. Today the company announced that Google Music is open to everyone in the US and no longer requires an invite. The online storage locker is still free for anyone to use, whether you buy music from Google or not.

Amazon also offers an online music service that lets you store your music in the cloud, purchase tracks, and access them across multiple devices. And Amazon’s service offers music from all four major labels in the US.

But Google is banking on Android Market integration, a curated experience with top music picks, and social sharing to stand out from the competition.

Brad Linder

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