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Google is holding an event on November 16th where the company is expected to launch a music store. But TecnoDroidVe has already managed to get a sneak peek at the Android version of the upcoming music store.

It looks like the music store will be built into the next version of the Google Android Market. In other words, Android phone and tablet users will have a one-stop-shop for downloading music, movies, books, and apps.

While the Android Market is choc full of free apps, you’ll probably have to pay for most of the music offered by Google. But it looks like google will have a “Free Song of the Day” feature where you can grab featured tracks for free.

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone that’s been using the Google Music beta service. Google provides users with enough online storage space for up to 20,000 songs — but Google also regularly offers small collections of music which users can add to their account for free.

There have been rumors floating around for a few days suggesting that while Google has signed deals with some of the major music labels in the US, the company may not have locked up all the majors yet. A music store is only as good as its selection — and Google will be competing with Amazon MP3, 7digital, and a handful of other companies that already offer digital music stores for Android.

But there’s something appealing about having just one store to visit for music, movies, books and apps — especially if there are freebies available in each category from time to time.

We should know more about the new Google Music store later this week.

via Android Police

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