Palm Pre3

The future of HP’s webOS operating system remains uncertain. While the company canceled all current webOS smartphones and tablets this summer, HP has continued to push out software updates for the million or so HP TouchPads that had been sold. But it looks like the company won’t be offering any updates for the Palm Pre3 smartphone.

A member of the HP developer relations team posted a message on the webOS Developer Center forums suggesting that there are no plans to offer any software updates for the Pre3.

That’s not a huge surprise. There aren’t many Pre3 phones in the wild. It was launched in the UK on August 17th, just a day before HP canceled the phone.

Still, for the handful of Pre3 owners out there, the fact that there won’t be any more updates comes as bad news. After all, the news only came out in response to a question about a bug affecting the Pre3 which had already been fixed for the TouchPad tablet. It looks like the smartphone version of that bug may never be fixed.

via PreCentral

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