Hulu Plus for Android

For the first time you can now download the official Hulu Plus on a device that doesn’t have the official Android Market app. Last week Amazon announced that the Kindle Fire would be able to run Hulu’s online video app for streaming movies and TV shows, and sure enough it showed up in the Amazon Appstore today.

The good news is that the Amazon Appstore doesn’t just run on the Kindle Fire… the bad news? The Amazon Appstore will only show you apps that are compatible with your device, and as far as I can tell if you’re using anything except a Kindle Fire you can’t download the Hulu Plus app.

While I was able to “purchase” the free app from the Amazon website using a desktop web browser, the app doesn’t show up on any mobile device I’ve tried. It’s not available for download on a Google Nexus One, Velocity Micro Cruz T410, or HP TouchPad.

Still, this is a big first step. Hopefully the app will soon be available for other tablets that don’t include the Android Market as well. The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet will ship with a Hulu Plus app preloaded later this week, but it would be nice to be able to install it on other budget tablets as well.

The Hulu Plus service lets users watch TV shows and movies from the Hulu service on a mobile device. It costs $7.99 per month, but users also get access to additional TV shows and episodes which aren’t available to free users.

Hulu is currently only available in the US.

Brad Linder

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