Qualcomm Snapdragon GameCommand
Qualcomm is getting ready to take on NVIDIA in the Android gaming space. NVIDIA unveiled the Tegra Zone store for Android games optimized for NVIDIA Tegra processors earlier this year. Today Qualcomm unveiled its own game discovery app.

It’s called Snapdragon GameCommand and it will highlight video games designed to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. The chip-maker already highlights games with its Snapdragon Game Pack which launched this summer. But the Game Pack is little more than a list of games, while the GameCommand app will help users discover games while using an Android device.

Qualcomm makes a wide range of processors for phones and tablets, including processors for inexpensive phones and superchips which the company says will be able to deliver console-quality gaming on mobile devices. My guess is that GameCommand will mostly feature the latter.

Snapdragon CameCommand is scheduled to launch in early 2012.

The company is also adding new games to its Snapdragon Game Pack including Galaga Special Edition, Fight Game Heroes, and The Ball. The Game Pack featues more than 100 games which Qualcomm says show off the features of its embedded Adreno graphics cores for Snapdragon processors.

Brad Linder

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