Sony Xperia Play 4G

Sony is the latest company to spell out its plans for upgrading current smartphones to Android 4.0. The company is promising that its entire 2011 Xperia line of phones will be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

That includes the Sony Xperia Play phone with PlayStation features as well as the Xperiea arc, ray, neo, and pro smartphones.

HTC and Motorola have already announced plans to offer software updates for a number of their existing Android phones.

There are plenty of phones (including older Sony smartphones) that have been released over the past few years that will never receive official Android 4.0 updates, but that’s where third party software such as CyanogenMod comes in. The CyanogenMod team is already starting to work on adding Ice Cream Sandwich to the next version of the team’s custom firmware for phones and tablets.

Sony hasn’t provided a release date for its Android 4.0 software updates yet.

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