BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer delivers digital videos for popular BBC programming. When the iPlayer launcher, it was only available in a computer web browser… and in Britain. Since British residents pay a TV license fee to fund the BBC, the iPlayer service was free in Britain, but unavailable elsewhere.

Earlier this year the iPlayer went global… or at least partially global. The BBC launcher a global iPlayer app for the Apple iPad, but it was only available in Australia and select European countries.

Last week Canada was added to the list, and the US is expected to get iPlayer access next year.

Now it looks like the video streaming service is moving beyond the iPad. The BBC plans to launch an iPlayer app for iPhone and iPod touch on December 8th, 2011.

Viewers outside of the UK will have to pay a monthly fee to stream videos… just like competing services. But if you’re a fan of British TV and can’t find the most recent episodes of you favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu, the expansion of the iPlayer service could be good news.

via The Next Web

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