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LogeMeIn‘s mobile apps for iOS and Android let you login to a remote computer to run applications, access files, and perform other functions that can make your smartphone or tablet feel like a full-fledged computer. But at $30, LogMeIn is kind of expensive for a mobile app.

Now the company has released a free version of its iOS app that offers basic remote desktop functionality.

You can use the free app to login to a Mac or PC using the free app to run programs. For instance you can view documents stored on your PC or surf the web in a full version of Firefox or Internet Explorer from your mobile device.

What you can’t do is stream video, transfer photos or other files from your remote PC to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, or use the remote printing function.

For those features you can pay for an in-app subscription update to LogMeIn Pro which costs $40 per year. Or you can make a one-time payment of $100 for the LogMeIn Ignition app.

This new freemium model is similar to the way LogMeIn’s web-based service works. You can install the LogMeIn client on any desktop computer you want to remote control for free and login from any supported web browser for free. But if you want advanced capabilities you need to pay.

via Lifehacker

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  1. Logmein is decent, but still you get what you pay for… I’ve needed remote access and conferencing enough that I’ve gone with RHUB’s servers. Cost was worth it.

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