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Samsung may be one of the biggest names in the Android phone business, but Samsung also offers a handful of phones using its own Bada OS. The Samsung Wave line of devices look a lot like modern touchscreen smartphones and offer pretty good hardware. But there aren’t as many apps available for Bada as Android, so one way to get a little more out of a Samsung Wave phone is to replace the operating system.

And that’s exactly what a team of developers at xda-developers is doing. They’ve started to port Android to work on Bada devices.

The software is still a work in progress. Phone calls and 3G don’t work right now, sensors aren’t supported, and phones shut down if they’re idle for too long. But so far WiFi, audio, video, and the Android Market do work, as well as some 3D games and app launchers.

In other words, it’s probably too early to replace Bada OS with Android if you actually want to use your phone as a phone… but if you’ve got a spare Bada device lying around and you want to get a taste of Android, you can already get started.

via xda-developers

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