ClockworkMod Tether

Koush, the developer behind the popular ClockworkMod recovery app for Android devices is working on a new tool called Tether which lets you connect your phone to a computer to share your mobile internet connection with a PC.

While ClockworkMod Tether isn’t the first tethering app around, it’s designed to be easy to use on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer — and to get around carrier restrictions so that you may be able to tether your device without paying any extra fees.

Some carriers charge premium prices for tethering capabilities — even though they don’t raise the monthly data caps. In other words, if you’re paying for 5GB of data per month, paying an extra $15 or $20 for tethering won’t give you any more data. It will just allow you to share your connection with a PC. ClockworkMod Tether may allow you to do the same thing for no additional cost.

The app doesn’t require root access, but it does require you to install an app on your computer, configure adb access for your phone, and connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable. Eventually Koush plans to add Bluetooth support as well.

ClockworkMod Tether is still in the early testing phases. The first alpha will expire on January 7th, but a new version will be available before that.

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