As promised, Koushik Dutta has released the first touchscreen-friendly version of his popular ClockworkMod Recovery utility. A public beta is available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Nexus S smartphones.

Update: Touch Recovery is now available for a number of additional phones.

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery

The custom recovery app allows you to backup or restore your device, wipe data, or flash (install) custom software. Eventually it will likely be available for additional phones and tablets.

In order to ClockworkMod Touch Recovery you’ll need to use fastboot and adb to push the app from your computer to your phone. You may want to install the Android SDK in order to use these tools, although strictly speaking you don’t necessarily need the entire Android SDK if all you want to do is access fastboot and adb.

If you know your way around adb already, you can find some basic instructions for installing the new custom recovery at Droid-Life.

Brad Linder

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