ClockworkMod Touch Recovery

You know that touch-friendly version of ClockworkMod Recovery which was released this weekend? It’s kind of a pain to install manually. But developer Koushik Dutta has come up with a much simpler way to install it.

All you need to do is download the latest version of ROM Manager from the Android Market on your phone and you can install the new touch recovery automatically. You’ll need a rooted phone with an unlocked bootloader for that to work — and only a handful of devices are supported initially.

But Dutta is working on adding support for additional devices.

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery allows you to backup or restore your device, install custom ROMs, or apply software updates.

ROM Manager is available as a free download, but you’ll have to pay $1.99 if you want to use it to install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery. Or you can install it manually for free if you know your way around the Android SDK, adb, and fastboot. You can also continue to use the older version of ClockworkMod Recovery which relies on volume and power buttons for navigation rather than touchscreen input.

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4 replies on “Flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery with ROM Manager (for $1.99)”

    1. I rooted my phone, have had several roms and kernels installed and I absolutely cannot figure out how to flash the touch image.

      It is not an easy thing to accomplish.

      1. OK. Xo you have a android sdk folder in your c drive? If so open up command prompt. CD c:android-sdksystem-tools. You be operating within sysyem tools where fast boot and adb should be. Download the touch .img file. Move it to the above directory. While in fast boot, type fastboot devices. You should see your phone. Now type ” fast boot flash recovery blah blah.img ” should be done.

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