There are hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps available in the Google Android Market. It’s easy to download and install any of them with just a few clicks — but Google doesn’t provide an easy way to bookmark apps that you might want to install later.

That’s where a free app called MarketMarks comes in. It can act as a sort of shopping list for Android apps.

Once MarketMarks is installed, just browse the Android Market and click the share icon anytime you find an app you might want to download in the future. Then choose MarketMarks from the share menu.

MarketMarks will create a list of apps you’ve saved. You can then tap any app in that list to bring up the Android Market page.

You can also organize multiple lists by placing them in folders, delete apps from your list from a long-press context menu, or move apps between lists.

MarketMarks can come in handy if you’re not sure whether you want to spend money on an app but you don’t want to forget about it. You can also use the app to bookmark apps that you don’t want to download over 3G so you can easily find them again when you get back to your WiFi network, or if you want to wait until you’ve cleared up some space on your device before downloading a new app.

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