The CyanogenMod team has revealed the new boot animation for the group’s upcoming software based on Android 4.0… and it looks pretty slick.

CyanoogenMod boot animation

CyanogenMod 9 is currently under development and pre-release builds are available for dozens of phones and tablets. But for the most part they feature the default boot animation you get with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or an old-fashioned C77 boot animation.

The new animation starts out looking much like the CM7, but then it gets all Doctor Who time vortexy with the familiar Android on a skateboard flying through a field of shifting whisps of aquamarine.

It’s pretty slick, and while the boot animation is far from the most important feature in an operating system, it does give you something nice to look at while waiting for your phone or tablet to reboot.

via Phandroid 

Brad Linder

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