Google Android has always supported multitasking — in that you can run one program in the background while another is in the foreground. For instance you can listen to music while surfing the web. But Cornerstone is an Android tool that takes things much further by letting you view multiple Android apps at the same time on the same screen.


Basically, when you’re using Cornerstone a toolbar will show up on the right side of the display. You can pull it out to view two more Android apps — and you can choose which apps you want to show up.

So you can surf the web in one window while keeping an eye on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, for instance.

Cornerstone is open source software, and the folks behind the popular CyanogenMod version of Android are looking at incorporating it into the next version of their operating system based on Android 4.0.

Nothing is finalized yet, so it’s not clear whether CyanogenMod 9 will have Cornerstone built in. But if you want to get an idea for how it would work, check out this demo video.

But if you want to try out Cornerstone yourself, there’s already an unofficial build of CM9 with Cornerstone integration available for the HP TouchPad.

via Android Police

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