Microsoft OneNote is an app that lets you create and organize notes and synchronize them with the web or between devices. The company has released versions of OneNote for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad… but it wasn’t until this week that an official OneNote app for Android found its way into the Android Market.

OneNote for Android

OneNote for Android lets you create notes that include text or pictures, and you can either add photos from your gallery or snap new photos using your camera.

The app also includes support for to-do lists with checkboxes and text formatting. You can also add hyperlinks to web pages.

You can synchronize your notes with Windows Live SkyDrive, but notes saved on your device are also accessible when you’re offline.

OneNote Mobile for Android lets you create or access up to 500 notes for free. If you hit that limit you can make an in-app purchase for $4.99 which will remove the limit.

OneNote runs on Android 2.3 and up.

Brad Linder

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