Opera has released a major update to is web browser for Android and Symbian, as well as a minor update to its iOS web browser.

Opera Mobile 12

Opera Mobile 12 for Android and Symbian includes a wide range of support for improved HTML5 features, with the Android version getting the lion’s share of new features.

Among other things, Opera Mobile 12 for Android can now allow websites to access your phone or tablet camera, recognize device orientation, beam content using Android Beam on devices with NFC technology. There’s also now support for Adobe Flash content on devices with Android 4.0.3.

You can also create “speed dial” pages with bookmarks to more than 9 websites.

The company has also released a series of demos to show off the new HTML5-friendly features, and an Opera Mobile Emulator that lets developers emulate the Opera Mobile web browser experience in a desktop app so they can test websites to see how they would perform without using a phone.

Right now the tool lets you emulate Opera Mobile 11.5, but an Opera Mobile 12 emulator is due out soon.

The latest Opera browser for iOS is Opera Mini 7 for the iPhone or iPad. The new version adds support for more than 9 speed dials, dictionary support, and the ability to upload files.


Brad Linder

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