Microsoft may have given up on the Windows Mobile operating system, opting to start over from scratch with Windows Phone 7. But some users haven’t given up on Windows Mobile, and the thousands of games and other apps designed to run on the aging mobile operating system.

HTC HD7 with Windows Mobile 6 in WML

The folks at the Dark Forces Team are working on a new project called WML which allows you to load Windows Mobile in an emulator window on a Windows Phone 7 device.

That means you can run classic Windows Mobile apps such as the TCPMP media player or games like Worms World Party.

DFT hasn’t released WML to the public yet, but the team has published a video showing the emulator running Windows Mobile 6.1 on an HTC HD7 smartphone. Windows Mobile 6.5 is also supported, and you can switch back and forth between WML and native Windows Phone 7 apps.

You’ll need an unlocked phone with a supported processor to run WML when it’s eventually released to the public.

via TechCrunch and Windows Phone Hacker

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