Just hours after the new third-generation iPad hit the streets, it’s been jailbroken. Hacker Musclenerd has posted a few pictures on Twitter showing the new iPad running the Cydia Store for jailbroken devices and a terminal app. Neither of those apps will run on an iOS device unless it’s been jailbroken.

iPad 3 jailbreak

Meanwhile, iOS hacker i0n1c says he’s performed an untethered jailbreak on his new iPad. That means the tablet can be rebooted without connecting to a Mac or PC and running the jailbreak software again.

Two other hackers have developed a third method for jailbreaking the new iPad.

What this means is that hackers have already found security holes that can be exploited to run custom code on the new iPad running iOS 5.1 software.

Musclenerd says this is just a first step and that the tools which will allow anyone to jailbreak 2012 model iPad aren’t ready for the public yet.

Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad makes it possible to install apps that aren’t available from the App Store, including software that can dramatically change the user interface or behavior of the tablet.

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