The developers of the popular Mac email client Sparrow recently launched an iPhone version, and it’s attracted a lot of attention for three reasons: It’s easy to use; offers features missing from the default iOS Mail app; and it doesn’t support push email.

Sparrow Push

That last point isn’t the developers’ fault. Apple rejected the method for push notifications that Sparrow was using, so the only choice was to leave it out.

So if you want to use the $2.99 email app, you have to manually launch the app and check for email updates. You won’t receive automatic notifications every time a new message arrives.

But it turns out there’s an app for that… as long as you have a jailbroken device. Sparrow Push is available as a free download from the Cydia Store.

The app uses the same trick the Sparrow developers wanted to implement — it uses Apple’s VoIP API so that there’s a permanent internet connection open and Sparrow can let you know as soon as a new message pops up in your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or other linked inbox.

Sparrow Push isn’t from the makers of Sparrow, and it’s not officially supported by Apple. But that’s what jailbreaking is for, isn’t it?

via 9 to 5 Mac

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