Amazon has released an updated version of its Appstore for Android with two key changes. The first is that users can now download apps up to 50MB in size over a 3G or 4G internet connection.

The second is that you can now adjust the notification settings so that you don’t get an alert every single time there’s an update available for an app you’ve installed.

Amazon Appstore 2.3

You’ll need to manually adjust your settings if you want to download large files over a cellular network. The default is still set to 20MB, but you can adjust the limit to support 50MB downloads.

If you want to download apps that are even larger you’ll still have to do it on a WiFi network, whether you pay for unlimited mobile data or not.

That notification update might not sound like a big deal. But the Amazon Appstore has been pretty aggressive in sending out notifications in the past, cluttering up your notification bar. The ability to adjust notification settings is pretty welcome.

Amazon Appstore 2.3

You can download Amazon Appstore 2.3 from Amazon. If you’ve already installed the app on your phone or tablet you’ll probably be prompted to update automatically. If not, you can go into the settings menu and manually search for updates in the “Version and Release Notes” section.

Brad Linder

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