Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet owners have been able to purchase and download comic books, graphic novels and manga books on their Android-powered eReaders. Now anyone with a phone or tablet running Android 2.2 or later can do the same thing using the latest NOOK app for Android.

NOOK Comics

NOOK 3.1 allows you to purchase and download comics from the NOOK Store, although they’ll look best on tablets.

The latest version of the app also adds support for additional font styles and the ability to browse the NOOK Store by sub-categories and view additional information about books.

If you’re updating from version 2.7 or earlier you’ll need to sign in with your account and re-download any content before you can read it.

One problem I’ve always had with the NOOK app on my Nexus One smartphone is that it takes up a whopping 22MB of disk space. That’s a problem on phones that don’t have a lot of built-in storage. Fortunately you can move the bulk of the app to the SD card so that it uses less than 2MB of internal storage… assuming there’s enough free space on your device to let you download the app in the first place.

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