The Nokia N9 is the first (and probably the last) phone to ship with MeeGo Linux. But just because that’s the software that it comes with doesn’t mean that’s what you’re stuck with — because now there’s a way to dual-boot MeeGo and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nokia N9.

Nokia N9 with Android 4.0

The software which is called “Project Mayhem” is still in alpha, which means it may be rough around the edges. But most of the Nokia N9 hardware appears to work properly when running Android, including 3D graphics, audio, touch, USB and Bluetooth, and phone functionality.

Software video decoding also works, but there’s no support for hardware video acceleration. So while you can watch YouTube videos, they’ll be choppy. I wouldn’t expect HD YouTube videos or Netflix videos to work properly.

Creating a dual boot setup takes a little work. You need to install a custom kernel that can support both operating systems, then install a custom bootloader that can support dual boot setups. Then you can load Android onto your device and choose between operating systems at boot.

via MeeGo Experts

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