The latest mobile operating systems from Apple and Google still feel warm, but the companies are already working on the next major software updates — and the evidence is starting to pop up.

Apple iPad 3

Apple is holding an event next week to unveil the new iPad 3, and tech blog Ars Technica has reason to believe that the new tablet will run iOS 6. The site’s server logs show that some users have been reading Ars on an iPad running iOS 6.0… even though the latest version of Apple’s iPhone or iPad is iOS 5.0 (or iOS 5.1 if you’re running a developer beta).

There’s no information about what features will be included in the new iPad operating system, but at the very least it seems likely that it will support tablets with high resolution displays.

Meanwhile, Google is working on Android 5.0, which will probably bear the codename “Jelly Bean.”

This week at Mobile World Congress, a Google executive suggested that the company could be on track to release the next major update to Android around November of this year.

While that date isn’t finalized yet and we don’t know any of the features that will be included, manufacturers are already starting to promise that they’ll offer products with the new operating system. TechRadar reports that Asus expects to be in the “first wave” of device makers to offer the software.

Brad Linder

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