The MIUI ROM for Android phones and tablets has a few tricks up it sleeve, including a custom home screen and app launcher which has an iPhone-like feel and custom notification and settings menus. The MIUI developers have also written a few attractive apps for Android including the MIUI file explorer.

MIUI File Explorer

But now you don’t need to replace your phone or tablet operating system with MIUI if you just want to get your hands on the file explorer.

Xda-developers forum member apoonet has ported the MIUI file explorer to work with most devices running Android 2.2 and up. He’s also added root support so that if you use the app on a rooted tablet you can access system files and folders.

The Mi File Explorer has an attractive home screen which provides quick access to music, videos, pictures, and other file types. You can also see how much free space is on your SD card at a glance.

If you click the SD card tab you can also browse through individual files and folders. The FTP tab is currently useless, but eventually you may be able to use it to access files over a WiFi network.

via xda-developers

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