Opera has released an updated version of the Opera Mini web browser for Android. Opera Mini 7 offers a better Speed Dial bookmarking feature, support for NFC (Near Field Communication), and OpenGLES hardware graphics acceleration.

Opera Mini 7 for Android

The Opera Mini web browser is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

Opera actually offers two different web browsers for mobile devices: Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. While Opera Mobile uses your device’s hardware to render web pages, Opera Mini is designed for phones and tablets with slower hardware by using remote servers to pre-render web content and compress it before sending it to your device.

This also helps reduce data usage which could save you some money.

Opera Mini 7 can use your device’s graphics processor to speed up performance. Users can also now add more than 9 bookmarks to the Speed Dial page by clicking the plus symbol.

The browser also now supports Google’s Beam feature for devices with NFC chips and Android 4.0 or later software. This allows you to share content between two Android devices wirelessly.

Brad Linder

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