The app store formerly known as the Android Market used to do a pretty good job of showing all the apps you’ve installed on your device and all the apps you’ve paid for. But if you wanted a list of free apps you’ve downloaded but don’t currently have installed, you were out of luck.

Google Play Store 3.5.15

But now Google is rolling out an updated version of the Google Play Store which shows all the apps you’ve ever downloaded in a new “all” tab.

You should receive the update automatically soon if it’s not already available for your device, but if you can’t wait, the folks at Android Police have a version of the Google Play Store 3.5.15 you can download and install right now.

The new store doesn’t distinguish between free and paid apps you’ve purchased in the past. Instead it just mixes them all together in the new all tab.

Apple has offered a similar feature in the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users for a while, but it’s good to see Google play catch up.

Google has also updated the layout so that app reviews now show which device the reviewer was using. You can also sort reviews by newest or most helpful.


Brad Linder

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