Amazon is rolling out a new feature for its Android app store that allows developers to collect in-app payments. This makes it possible for developers to offer free or paid apps and then charge for subscription-based content or for additional features, while collecting payments using Amazon’s payment system.

Google already offers developers similar tools through the Google Play Store, and Apple lets developers collect in-app payments through iTunes.

Amazon Appstore

The move could encourage some developers that had been avoiding to Amazon Appstore to bring their apps to the platform, which is good news for folks who own an Amazon Kindle Fire or any other phone or tablet that doesn’t have the Google Play Store.

The new payment system using Amazon’s one-click platform. So if you’re already signed into your Amazon account you can pay for upgrades, subscribe to content, buy expansion packs, or make other purchases within an app with a single click.

Amazon will split revenue with developers, with the retailer taking a 30 percent cut.


Brad Linder

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