The Google Chrome beta web browser for Android is fast, powerful, and offers some nifty features such as the ability to synchronize your bookmarks and currently open browser tabs across multiple devices.

But one thing it doesn’t support is Adobe Flash. If you want to view a Flash video or play a Flash game, you’ll have to switch web browsers. A new free app called Flashify makes that very easy to do.


Basically you can surf the web using Google Chrome (or any web browser), and when you run across a page with Flash content, just hit the Share button and then choose the Flashify menu option.

A list of web browsers will pop up, and you can choose to open the web page in any of the browsers installed on your device. Most will probably support Flash, as long as you have the Adobe Flash plugin installed.

This lets you continue using Chrome as your primary web browser, while switching only when you run across content it can’t handle.

Flashify was originally called “Another Browser,” but the developer changed the name on April 12th to avoid confusion. The app is open source and you can access the source code and view the change log at github.

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