Google has updated its digital book app for Android, bringing a new user interface for phones and tablets running Google Android 2.2 and Android 2.3.

The new version of Google Play Books lets you view cover art for your books on a 3D carousel or in a list view. When you open a book you can also see a new 3D page turning animation.

Google Play Books

Google also now lets you create a shortcut on your home screen for an individual book, complete with cover art. This lets you jump quickly to the book you were reading without first firing up the Google Play Books app.

In order to save a book to your home screen you’ll need to long-press on your home screen, choose the Shortcuts option, and then select the Book option before choosing your book. You can’t simply pin a book from within the app itself.

Google Play Books also now supports in-book searches when you’re not connected to the internet.

Brad Linder

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