A group of hackers figured out how to jailbreak the 3rd generation iPad the day it was released, although the tools haven’t yet been released to the public. But that was a tethered jailbreak, which means you would have had to connect your iPad to a computer and run the software again every time you wanted to reboot it.

Now it looks like an untethered jailbreak may be on the way for Apple devices with A5 processors running iOS 5.1.

ipad 3 jailbreak

That includes the new iPad as well as the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

Hacker pod2g says that all of the exploits needed to force an Apple device to run custom code have been discovered. But developers are still working on bypassing the ASLR security at boot.

In other words it could be a while before tools are released that make jailbreaking Apple’s latest devices running iOS 5.1 simple. But progress is being made.

via GottaBeMobile

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