Mozilla plans to introduce a new “reader” mode in future versions of the Firefox web browser for Android devices. Reader mode strips away sidebars, advertisements, and pretty much everything but the text and pictures in an article. It’s something that’s currently offered by the Safari web browser for iOS and some third party Android apps such as Readability.

Soon it will be baked into Firefox Mobile.

Firefox mobile reader mode

You can see a series of mockups showing how the reader mode would work at the Mozilla Wiki. The idea is that you would be able to switch to a reader view through a menu option — or possibly even by rotating an Android tablet from landscape to portrait mode.

Because a reader mode could lead to more white space than necessary in landscape mode on a 10 inch tablet, the team is also considering ways to use the space to the sides of the articles for article scroll menus, pictures, or other content.

via Mark Finkle

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