Online music service Spotify has released a preview of its new app for Android. It has a new look and feel, support for Android 4.0, and other improvements.

You can download the public beta of the new Spotify from the company website.

Spotify for Android

Spotify lets anyone in a supported regions stream music for free using a desktop app. But if you want to stream music to a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android handset you’ll need a Spotify Premium account for $10 per month. Fortunately you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

The new beta app has a new slide-out navigation window, high resolution artist images, an option to see related artists, support for 320kbps audio stream, and new graphics that match the Android 4.0 “holographic” imagery. Spotify says the new app is also faster, and early testers seem to agree.

Brad Linder

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