SwiftKey is an alternative to the on-screen keyboard for Android devices, with a heavy emphasis on auto-correction. Today the developers have released the first beta of SwiftKey VIP, and it offers even better text prediction and auto-correction.

SwiftKey 3 beta

The new version of SwiftKey has a new theme that batter matches the black and blue color scheme of Android 4.0.

SwiftKey 3 also has a new “smart punctuation” button. You can just tap the punctuation button once and then slide your finger to the to move from period, to comma, to question mark, to exclamation point until you hit the character you want.

One of the biggest changes is the new “Smart Space” feature which detects missing spaces between words. In otherwordsyoucouldtypethis and when you get to the end and press the space bar, SwitfKey 3 should automatically change the text to “other words you could type this.”

The new keyboard app should be available soon from the Google Play Store. But until then you can sign up for a free account at the SwiftKey VIP Forums to trey the beta.

via Android Community

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