Apollo is the new default music player for CyanogenMod 9. If you download and install the latest nightly release of the custom firmware for Android phones and tablets it should include Apollo. But you can also download and install the app manually on virtually any device running Android 4.0 or later.


The music player features a very clean user interface that actually seems to match the Android 4.0 user interface even better than the official Google music player. But if you don’t like the default look, that’s OK. Apollo supports themes.

Apollo lets you swipe between artist, album, song, genre, and playlist views by flicking left or right, and has an action bar that appears at the bottom of the screen with a swipe. Album art and artist images are downloaded automatically.

Unfortunately Google still doesn’t make its Google Play Music streaming music service available to third party apps — which means if you want to stream music uploaded to Google Music you’ll need to use the official app, not Apollo. But Apollo is a pretty slick looking app for playing music stored on your device.

via reddit and Bee Android

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  1. I can’t find any option in Apollo to delete a song. Is it possible? If not then this app is getting uninstalled. I need to delete those songs like drive my nuts every time I hear them.

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