Apple has released a second beta of iOS 6, it’s upcoming mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You’ll need an Apple developer account (or access to someone who has one) in order to install the beta on your mobile device.

While the details of the update are technically protected by a non-disclosure agreement, some developers seem to be happy to ignore the NDA, and the folks at 9to5Mac have published the release notes.

iOS 6 beta 2

It looks like beta 2 fixes a number of bugs and adds some developer features such as support for the new Maps app in the iOS Simulator.

As for major features, there don’t appear to be any significant changes since iOS 6 beta 1.

On the other hand, iOS 6 has a number of improvements over iOS 5, including Facebook integration, support for FaceTime video chat over 3G, offline reading lists in the Safari web browser, and Apple’s new Maps app which replaces Google Maps and adds free turn-by-turn navigation.


Brad Linder

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