Less than a day after Apple released iOS 6 beta to developers, iPhone hacker MuscleNerd has announced that he’s jailbroken an iPod touch running the operating system.

This is still a work in progress, and not everything works. The Cydia app store for jailbreak apps, for instance, doesn’t work yet. It’s also a tethered¬†jailbreak, which means that if you need to reboot your device you’ll need to connect to a PC via a USB cable and run the jailbreaking software again.

Update Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1 is now available for developers looking to jailbreak supported devices running iOS 6.

iOS 6

But this is the first indication that hackers have found a way to circumvent the security in Apple’s latest version of iOS, making it possible to run code that’s not officially supported by Apple.

It could be a while before tools are released to the public. If nothing else, releasing jailbreaking tools while iOS 6 is still in beta makes it easier for Apple to clean up any security holes used by the jailbreak utility before iOS 6 is released to the public this fall.

Apple iOS 6 includes a number of new features such as Facebook integration, a new Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, Siri improvements, and new Phone features such as Do Not Disturb and additional options for responding to phone calls.

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