The Winamp team have released Winamp 1.3 for Android. The new version can be moved to an SD card, adds support for Apple lossless codec if you upgrade to Winamp Pro, and includes bug fixes and improvements.

But the biggest change in Winamp 1.3 is the addition of an in-app store.

Winamp 1.3

This lets Winamp sell add-ons for the media player within the app itself. Right now there are two items in the store.

The first is the $4.99 Pro Bundle which adds a 10-band EQ, support for FLAC audio, and additional features.

The second add-on is a $0.99 tool called Album Washer which downloads album art, fixes incorrect or missing tags, track numbers, and other data. Album Washer is powered by Gracenote.

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  1. SHould really have “Album Washer” Included OOTB as a few other players do, but still a neat app!

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